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Originally Posted by mhjeep View Post
So I want to echo the comment about how stupid it is to have a non-M car going to M town. M town is dumb idea anyway and this cheapens the brand and symbol even more.

Secondly, I love (actually hate) how it shows the guy shifting the gear shift lever as though it was a manual car despite not offering an actual manual tranny in the car.
I used to be a purist, but for some people the pure M cars are unattainable, so it brings the aspiration to the masses and builds a brand following, which is a good thing for hard core traditionalists in the long run as it helps ensure BMW has a strong future. Plus, the subsidies from the M performance upgrades that people pay through the nose for will continue to fund R & D for the true M cars. I say let it be.

On the second point - I completely agree! Don't pretend like you're driving a manual-pretender driver guy.