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Rumours in the motoring world tend to stir up the emotions, especially when it is about the revival of an icon such as the Toyota Supra.

Since the FT-HS concept was unveiled at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show, petrolheads have been wishing and waiting on news that this concept would be the successor to the Supra, of which production ceased in 1998. Now, however, it seems that Toyota will bring a Supra concept to the 2014 Detroit Auto Show, with the concept being relatively similar to a planned production version.

Adding fuel to the flames in June of this year, Toyota chairman Takeshi Uchiyamada said that he liked the idea of a new Supra. And further stoking the fires at the Tokyo Motor Show, a few high-level Toyota execs admitted that the company plans to “shock the world with a Supra concept car”.

Why Toyota would do this now is simple: rival Japanese brand Honda has been receiving plenty of attention for its upcoming NSX sportscar.

The motoring world is in for a treat from the East: prepare for a Samurai war.

- Charlen Raymond