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Originally Posted by aajami View Post
Cannot wait for this thing. My wish list:

- Keep it under 3,200 pounds
- DCT and manual options only
- 5.0 NA V8 from the RC-F, but tuned for an extra 750RPM (and a flat-plane crank -- a boy can dream)
- Maybe even the V10 from LFA! (A boy can have a wet dream)

Love everything else about it. If this thing comes in for under six figures, it's my next car. See you in 24 months.
Won't, happen. As you see the car is designed to have an I6, also said in interviews. Following the same path as BMW and Mercedes, an I6 would be feasible based on Toyota's new 2.0l I4 Turbo. If it will happen is unlikely. RC-F V8 could be possible, but this car would not be affordable anymore. As for the V10, it will never happen, that engine is more expensive than a Ferrari engine. The V10 might be found in the LFA II. Now the LFA X Code will run @ VLN 2014, the V10 now has a displacement of 5.3l compared to normal 4.8l.

Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Before the excitement begins...

This is NOT the BMW-Toyota collaboration.
That is good news. It means Toyota won't get BMW engines.

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