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it is "paper trading" or back-testing. those are not real trades or actual positions. not sure which platform that is but most people would not show size when selling and bleed out of the position instead so it doesn't walk the bids and offers down.especially on a short term swing trade since every penny counts. also getting that size done in one shot without multiple fills is difficult but doable. i could probably look up t&s for the dates and see if a block went off but too lazy to do it at the moment. we used to train/teach the newcomers like that before going live with real money. the crappy part is there is no fear when paper trading so you often see positions like that. all of a sudden when it's real money on the line the positions got real small and scalping occurred.

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What I mean by "doesnt add up" is that you casually sold more shares than Tesla's CFO, the 3rd largest shareholder, holds?
i was thinking the same thing.