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Originally Posted by e90im
Even non-Muslims can conclude that the Quran is sincere.

Assumption! How many non Muslims and where? People can be very sincere and very wrong. Many scientists have.
Duh. That's what I said. I was merely showing you that the Quran doesnt ask you to believe on blind faith.

Originally Posted by e90im
Forget if it's sincerely right or sincerely wrong, but so many times Allah says "look at my clear signs".

Allah doesn't say anything. You read it in a man-made book
You said that "every religion" asks you to base your beliefs on blind faith. To pursue this argument further we have to to take the Quran and presume that Allah IS God and then see what he says. After the presumption, we will see that "Allah" in the Quran tells you to look at the universe and science and see how intricate and complete it is.

Infact forget that, let's presume humans wrote the Quran. Whoever wrote te text STILL asks you to study these things and look at the "clear signs". I'll assume you can now see that either way the author of the Quran doesnt ask you to act upon blind faith.

Originally Posted by e90im
Your knowledge of Islam at least is lacking and makes it unacceptable for you to accuse it of things like you already did.

I don’t need to be a theologian or Imam to debate you, just like you needn't be a scientist to debate me. We both just need to think critically. That's all.
Of course you dont need to be an Imam, but when you accuse the text of asking you to believe on blind faith it worrys me. It shows that you are presuming "what every religion does" when you havent even studied them. Now if that isnt a statement without proof I dont know what is

Originally Posted by e90im
Me and everyone else knows that's not true so whatever floats your boat I guess.

Again, you make wild assumptions without evidence. You and everyone else? A little ambitious, don't you think?
We both know I was refering to people on this board. In the past I've always given evidence from science and scripture and will engage in discussion. When you try accuse me of being unwilling to provide proof you arent fooling anyone