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Have you used a CarPlay application?

Hello there,
Have you used a CarPlay application? I just installed it one. It is so easy to get work done and I installed an application called CarBridge. It is getting easier to do things. You have the possibility to,
  • have 2 apps open at once
  • One for your phone and one for the car
  • You have the ability to swap a single app back and forth between the car and your phone without closing it.
  • allows you to bridge official CarPlay apps which disables the official CarPlay portion of the app
  • enables the ability to show the full iPhone app on CarPlay, so you can use Apple Maps on your car without limitation, just how you remember it.
  • and more some other things

But the important thing is I have to jailbreak my iPhone to install CarBridge because it is a third-part application. So I have to learn how to jailbreak an iPhone. However, jailbreaking is a very careful thing to consider and If it does not follow the right steps, it can cause trouble and you have the risk of losing your data and damaging your iPhone.

I just found a site for this and these are the most important stuff for this subject. So, if you think to jailbreak your iDevice make sure to use a proper guideline. And there are more, some of them are also available on App store.