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Originally Posted by Delta0311 View Post
The EU is fucked. The mass migration is destroying Western Europe. Meanwhile its unelected leadership was just celebrating the birthday of Karl Marx and saying how great he was. I mean that’s a slap in the face to all of us who lived under communist tyranny.
Why use half of a fact as the basis for an argument? Karl Marx does not have anything to do with "communist rule". Communism as you refer to it was a totalitarian form of government in which the elite used violence and repression to cement their hold on power. While done in the name of Marxism, none of those regimes actually have anything to do with the writings or teachings of Karl Marx.

I don't particularly endorse Karl Marx or think Marxism is the answer to anything, but I do have a serious addiction to fact (which makes me wholly unsuitable for BM). BTW, unless you're old enough to have been at least a teenager who emigrated from a Warsaw Pact country, Vietnam, China, or North Korea ... you never "lived under communist tyranny".