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Originally Posted by David70 View Post
The wall is going to stop the flow of illegal drugs? Where did this come from?

Do you any source that says there are large inflows and outflows or just a theory? You don't believe all of the studies that says the number is dropping slightly so you are sticking with basing it on nothing?

Where did you see wildly different numbers of illegals here?
Illegal immigration is still occurring so if the net flow is zero where are the ones who already came over going?

If the wall is built a mile or so away from the boarder where possible, That's a long tunnel to dig, tunneling also makes noise that can be detected and its not the only way drugs get into the country, they carry them in places where there is no barriers. Hell, they use submarines to carry drugs, but I don't know where the drop off point is. The wall or barrier will make it more difficult to enter illegally, period. This has been going on for far too long.

News has been reporting increases in illegal immigration over the last few months. Did it stop on Jan 20th? I doubt it.