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I mean, my loan length on my M2C is 6 years. I make way over payments (well I've only made 1 payment thus far), but plan on paying over by a good amount. I only chose 6 over 5 in case something bad happens, I can easily make the minimum payments and not fret it.

I think some of this has to attributed to the younger generation (my peers and I), not quite knowing how money works. You would be insanely surprised how many of my college buddies make similar to what I make, and live paycheck to paycheck. They don't have budgets set, they don't track their money to see where it goes, and they have no self control. Far too many people these days are living well outside their means, and don't understand how they can get out of it. Sell that $1200 phone and drop your unlimited data plan, drop your internet speed and cable bill, stop spending so much on food and drinks, etc. Setting a budget and sticking to it can prove to be insanely helpful.