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Originally Posted by Rmtt View Post
Great post.....we get so many right out of college (Engineers) that think they are supposed to be at $120K per year out of the gate. We start them out typically in the upper 80's which was a lot better than what I got as my first engineering job.

I drilled budget and responsibility into my daughter from the time she was old enough to start working. She worked through school, college, and now in Graduate school. Only after Grad school when she goes into Med school will she have to stop working. But she's married and he's in they will live off of his paycheck while she finishes her education.

But they both max out their 401K's, bought a house that cost about 40% of what they were approved for, and use a program that I use called YNAB (You Need a Budget).

And just like your college buddies who live check to check, they also have friends that do the same thing...mainly House Poor with the latest cars.

Meanwhile, she and her husband are preparing for 20 years from now, but still being able to enjoy perks such as traveling for weekend getaways, etc.
Bottom line is it all comes down to your income no matter what you want to or try to plan for. Someone making $40k, for example, ain't able to save shit or take trips etc. Maybe if you live in bum fuck OK or something where a mcmansion is cheap, but then salaries are less, less jobs, etc