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Originally Posted by FuriouslyFast View Post
Bottom line is it all comes down to your income no matter what you want to or try to plan for. Someone making $40k, for example, ain't able to save shit or take trips etc. Maybe if you live in bum fuck OK or something where a mcmansion is cheap, but then salaries are less, less jobs, etc
Not arguing with you. Just pointing out that some people live within and below their means because there are other things in life that they may consider more important no matter what they make. You budget with what you have even if it hurts.

I grew up dirt poor and knew I wasn't going to live like that later if I could avoid it. After college, my first job paid great but I didn't go out and stretch myself in buying the biggest house I could afford.

I guess the climate here is pretty good. Both of them combined make over $200K a year, but their first house that they just bought was only $130K. It's a "quaint" first a nice neighborhood, and affords them the opportunities to do other things that they want to do. Meanwhile they have friends who make similar, bought the biggest house they qualified for, and drive the best cars that they could get approved for.

Then they look at my daughter and SIL and say they don't see how they can do some of the traveling they do as they couldn't afford to do it.
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