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Originally Posted by DougLikesBMW View Post
Psshh, whatevs brah.

I'm a college student and I eat clean as mofo. I grocery shop on Saturday and cook all my meals for the week on Sunday.

I'm 5'6" 144, haven't weighed myself in a while. Weight doesn't matter. What you look like does.

I will get some comparo-shots going and I'll post em up in a month or so.

P.S. BoostedBMW - I stopped the True-Mass and started up this strict diet, and new workout plan and I've noticed my abs are more cut (no more extra fat in my diet, since True-Mass is gone), and I'm putting on good size.

Here's my strict diet. I modified it from one that was in a book called 'Huge in a Hurry' featured in Men's Health Magazine. I consulted a nutritionist who is also a gym rat. This diet is for a 175lb male looking to put on muscle, however I am finding myself hungry at times.

5 Eggs (1 Whole Egg + 4 Whites)
1/2 cup of Spinach
1 oz of lowfat Cheese (Frigo brand rocks, 1 oz string cheese sticks, 8g protein per if I recall)
1 cup of Blueberries

: Immediately after work out
1/2 Box of plain white pasta (not allowed to put anything on it as it will slow digestion).
30 Minutes After Above 3/4-1lb of 93/7 (or leaner) Ground Beef w/ Mustard (ketchup not allowed)

1 Apple
3oz Cheese (same brand as above)
Handful of Celery

3/4 cup Low fat Cottage Cheese
1 cup of Pineapple
Handful of Almonds/Walnuts

6-8oz Chicken Breast
1 Sweet Potatoe
1 cup of Raspberries

3oz of Tuna
1 cup of Blackberries
Handful of Carrots
Doug, its good to hear that you got your diet in check to back up your lifting... I'm sure the results will follow. Now, if I could comment on your diet I would like to say that if you are looking to make gains and you are hungry during the day then you should probably eat more (this doesn't go for everyone, but with ectomorphs to gain you usually need to stuff yourself pretty damn good). Since your breakfast is also your pre-workout meal I would advise you to eat some more complex carbs in additon to the blueberries since they are only around 70 cals for a cup (less than 20g carbs). The two most important times to take in a good amount of carbs are pre and post workout, which you probably already know. I would add in a bowl of cereal (I like kashi heart to heart or go lean) or a cup of dry oats to eat as oatmeal (I like to throw a scoop of a whey blend in with them, but if you are eating eggs instead that is fine).

Now, as far as your PWO meal goes, if you are worried about something on top of the pasta slowing digestion (ie. like tomato sauce or something similar) then I would ask you to reconsider eating pasta in the first place if you want FAST digestion of carbs pwo. You would be better off going with a piece of fruit or a yogurt in combination with a scoop of whey (yes, I advocate eating whole foods whenever you can, but PWO I think that a scoop of whey is good in addition to some fast digesting carbs to replenish whatever glycogen is depleted), and then you can eat your serving of pasta (or whatever other carb you would like... rice/potato/sweet potato/etc) with your ground beef for your pwo meal.

Your diet is very CLEAN, which is great, but what I would like you to know is that to change your body composition, as well as to be healthy, you DON'T need to eat the same thing day in and day out. What you should know is that as long as your overall caloric intake for the day is met for whatever overall goal you are trying to reach (for you its gaining) you can eat whatever foods you like as long as you are eating an adequate amount of protein and EFA's (healthy fats). The rest of your cals can come from donuts and it would have no difference on body composition if you were within your caloric limits for the day. Obviously I don't recommend eating donuts for health reasons, but the point is that I want you to realize that you don't have to eat a cup of blueberries with 4 eggwhites every morning for the next year and a half to reach your goals, but instead you should determine what your BMR is according to your activity level and metabolism, and from there establish how many cals you should be taking in per day. Compare that figure to how many cals are in your diet above and go from there (it might be perfect the way it is now, but I would rather spend the 10 minutes to double check). Check out this link and determine your BMR, and then add 500 cals to that (for bulking on 1lb per week, which will maximize muscle gains with minimal fat gains), and then figure out how many cals you are taking in with the diet above (I would guess that its too little just by glancing at it)...

Hope this helps you out, and again, props to you for sticking with it.
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