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Originally Posted by Dillusion View Post
I do, and fat free cottage cheese.

I workout 4 times a week, run at least 5 miles a week, and do abs and shoulders every time I work out any muscle.

5'9" 155, I have no idea on my fat %. I'm seeing great basic results just from the routine above; but its hard to surpass that and get the 'washboard' abs and look 'jacked' when I eat on the university campus restaurants 4 times a week and smoke allot :/ Munchies suck. Although Ive been going grocery shopping so even when I do have killer munchies I can only eat fruits, cereal, yogurts, and chicken breast etc.

But even fruits have allot of sugar, and big meals arent very good, so I know what i HAVE to do, I just can't seem to do it. My fault tho.
I've found my workouts to be way more effective when I'm bouncing off of walls after eating a bunch of fruits before working out... typically when I used caffeine inhibitors (i.e. NoXplode, or simply Red Bull, etc) I would get nauseous during my workouts to the point where I'd puke. Not so fun. To get around that, I noticed I needed LONGER breaks between sets... and my time is somewhat restricted. The fruits helped me significantly. Especially Mango's. I don't know why but I get such a good rush out of it.