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Originally Posted by BMW_TT View Post
Do you guys eat any yogurts?
If it fits into your macros/cals for the day and you like the taste then eat away. I have yogurt in my pwo shake if I don't have any fruit at the house.

Originally Posted by gonzo View Post
I like doing military presses...

You can use a smith machine and do a seated barbell shoulder press instead, which shouldn't put much strain on your rear delts. I like to cycle these into my workout along with DB presses, and arnold presses.

Originally Posted by Dillusion View Post
I do, and fat free cottage cheese.

I workout 4 times a week, run at least 5 miles a week, and do abs and shoulders every time I work out any muscle.

5'9" 155, I have no idea on my fat %. I'm seeing great basic results just from the routine above; but its hard to surpass that and get the 'washboard' abs and look 'jacked' when I eat on the university campus restaurants 4 times a week and smoke allot :/ Munchies suck. Although Ive been going grocery shopping so even when I do have killer munchies I can only eat fruits, cereal, yogurts, and chicken breast etc.

But even fruits have allot of sugar, and big meals arent very good, so I know what i HAVE to do, I just can't seem to do it. My fault tho.
Working abs and shoulders with every workout might be a little excessive, especially with delts IMO (unless you only do like one excercise per day for them). I work abs 3x per week, but I switch between working lower and upper abs every 2-3 days so they have time to repair. I could never work delts everyday though with hitting them once per week by themselves and working chest twice per week.

Also, big meals or multiple small meals won't make too much of a difference in terms of body composition... overall calories at the end of the day is much more important so don't sweat that.
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