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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
Its in Quebec city and is single shot hand held shot at ISO6400. I used a S curve on it tho. I will definitely go back outside the tourist season for an HDR attempt.

It was very dark in the church except for the hostel. So I boosted the shadows and blacks in LR to get some detail; and to be honest, I didnt think those would turn out that good. I'm impressed every time I use this camera. The DR is very wide and colors are rich.

I got a spare evening in front of me, and I've been talking myself to learn about layering for more then 6 months now. I should give it a try.

I really like the guy sitting in the church because to me it adds to the meaning of the picture. Being completely oof is even better. This place is usually PACKED with tourists and i've been lucky enough to get an almost clear sight after a 5 minutes wait. I got a lot more. In fact I shot from various focals an angles until someone walked through my sight.
The lone guy there does lend a bit of emotional context to the shot, so yeah, there's no reason not to leave him in there.

I ran into the same issue at St. Patrick's in NYC this summer. Very dark inside and people constantly crowding in front of the altar. Tough to get a good shot. If I had brought my tripod with me, I could have done a long exposure shot, but I've found that tripods tend to draw lots of attention very quickly.

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