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Originally Posted by M_Six View Post
The lone guy there does lend a bit of emotional context to the shot, so yeah, there's no reason not to leave him in there.

I ran into the same issue at St. Patrick's in NYC this summer. Very dark inside and people constantly crowding in front of the altar. Tough to get a good shot. If I had brought my tripod with me, I could have done a long exposure shot, but I've found that tripods tend to draw lots of attention very quickly.
Thanks for the comments and feedbacks btw.

When I got into that church (Called Notre-Dame de Quebec btw), I was looking for a sign when I got in; looked everywhere... Couldnt see any. I was convinced that it was there, at least to ask not to shoot with flash or at least during the celebrations... nothing.

I tried one up close with flash, but nothing like natural light coming from the pieces of art they call windows.

Closer look at the altar.

I have to go back now that I know they allow pretty much everything. I will wait until September is almost over and the place should be a LOT less crowded.
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