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Originally Posted by MaximusJ View Post
Thanks for the comments and feedbacks btw.

When I got into that church (Called Notre-Dame de Quebec btw), I was looking for a sign when I got in; looked everywhere... Couldnt see any. I was convinced that it was there, at least to ask not to shoot with flash or at least during the celebrations... nothing.

I tried one up close with flash, but nothing like natural light coming from the pieces of art they call windows.

Closer look at the altar.

I have to go back now that I know they allow pretty much everything. I will wait until September is almost over and the place should be a LOT less crowded.
Another great pic.

When you go back, see if they'll allow a tripod. When we were in Salzburg the Dom had a great light and music show. They wouldn't allow tripods, though. I'm sure some of the reason was that they didn't want anyone getting commercial grade pics or vids. But also because the church was packed and tripods can be a nuisance or even a danger. In an empty church it shouldn't make a difference.

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