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Originally Posted by dcstep View Post
That's a pretty small size to evaluate, but I'm not sure it's really sharp. Look at it at 100% and the letters and numbers should be tack sharp. Maybe that's a huge crop or something, but I'm expecting sharper.

You weren't using a tripod were you? Don't use Mode 2 except on a tripod and even then it's debatable. I'd hand hold that kind of shot.

I think that you could have dropped down to 1/2000-sec. and still had plenty of sharpness.

Which AF mode were you in? You should have had AI Servo turned on, multi-shot. I've started using expanded single point (four surrounding one). Using the 61-points is tempting, but I'm finding that the camera might grab onto a wingtip when you really want the cockpit to be the focal point.

It's a learning process. The camera is amazing, but you can't just point it at an object and get consistent, sharp images.

It was not tack sharp at 100%, and it's shown cropped to about 75%. I was not using a tripod or monopod; it was handheld. I could've dropped down to 1/2000s, but the problem with those shots was that my panning technique wasn't good enough to allow for sharp images.

Most of the day I was practicing, and the towards the end of the day I was exhausted from holding nearly 7 lbs for ~6 hours before the Blue Angels. So, I'm sure I was much shakier.

Also, I was using AI-Servo and 12 fps. Honestly, I wouldn't have been able to catch that maneuver and its apex without the 12 fps capability of the 1D X (unless I was really lucky). I was using the 61-pt auto AF for that shot. Honestly, that AF system is remarkably fast, and I got more keepers with that, instead instead of a single point AF.

edit: Oh yeah, and I forgot it was really hazy with all that smoke too.

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