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Originally Posted by Seeyal View Post
Well, when I came here (legally) in 1990, in order to get in the country, you had to prove that your skills were unmatched and would not take away the work of an American. YOU ALSO HAD TO PROVE THAT YOU WOULD NEVER END UP ON THE GOVERMENT TIT.
I know we need immigration... I am just for legal immigration as I had to go through...
What we have now is chaos and called invasion. I want our borders and our way of life protected. Unorganized and chaotic immigration will turn areas in ghettos with unassimilated people to our uses and customs...
I like our life the way it is. If you like it, you are welcome. Learn English, embrace our way of life, work hard and enjoy the American dream. If you are not ready to do those things, then GTFO... End of rant.
Excellent and thoughtful post. Thank you, and glad you are here!