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Originally Posted by F32Fleet View Post
CATO has a good opinion piece which points out the flaws of a more recent study which said illegals were a net drain on the economy as a whole.

The topic by itself is highly partisan so you're essentially asking for the impossible. You'll see what you want to see.

Let me be clear however that I said in aggregate (i.e. economy as a whole).
Go to any urban area with a large illegal population and you will notice the enormous cost that is pass to the local government from additional waste collection, to additional staffing, classes, and entire new facility to deal with the over population, to illegal housing which can cause devaluement of property, increase fire risk, increase car insurance due to drivers being uninsured, increase hospital cost due to once again ER visit with people we can't track and bill and so on. That not even going into how they drive down wages for low skill citizens and legal immigrants.

So tell me once again how any reasonable person can say with a straight face illegals are a net benefit?