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Imo: Warning about being a Good Samaritan, this case is different and I applaud you but i would rather my son or girls never get directly involved because people that do shit like that to elderly are low and take risks, what's preventing him from stepping out breaking your window?

I'm a contractor in boston, most of my projects are in nice areas around high end retail and beautiful brownstone residential buildings, having a smoke in a alley near my site a woman screams, I go to check it out she said her bag her bag her face looks hit in the mini struggle

I ran knowing what direction he was going taking a short cut only seeing the back of him, big blue jacket baseball cap my size'ish

I caught up with him, give me the bag and no trouble, HE TAKES HIS (BOX CUTTER) out to slash me, in defense-mode now I just get my arm and hand cut, the MF dropped the bag then ran

I returned the bag to the woman, it WAS children's sneakers, I told her here is you fucking 👟 I risked major injury because of your rape assault scream

she should've not fought back when the crack head grabbed the bag, she should've said don't go after him it's just sneakers

I tell my kids if robbed just take off what they want do not roll around and fight for objects your safety is most important

Dripping blood and having his saliva on me from our struggle I felt dumb, why did I get involved?!?

Sorry for the rant, just want all to be safe