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Thank you - I know. I felt safe being in my car, during the day with lots of people around. I did not want to confront him face to face, especially being a girl and all.

I've done stupid stuff in the past, like grabbing the guy that ripped a chain off my neck by the throat. It was just an immediate reaction, not thought out. Afterwards I kind of fell apart, thinking what could have been.

I would not be a hero for something stupid - material. This was just wrong.
Just thought of another stupid action on my part. I was in HS, nasty neighborhood at the time. As I was walking down the steps to the subway, both trains had just left. I get on the platform and three guys are walking towards me. No one around, just us. I try to go to one side so I'm not walking directly in their path (think benches in the middle) and they come my way. The guy in the middle grabs me around the waist and pulls me in. I had my arm in front of my body, holding my pocketbook. I backhanded him across the face and told him to keep his f'ing skeevy (sp) hands off me and kept walking. Well, his friends laughed their asses off. I was dying. That could have gone really bad. This was 40 years ago. I haven't thought about this in years.
I thought I was a good person but the way I react when people drive slowly in the left lane would suggest otherwise