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Originally Posted by ///M Power-Belgium View Post
"Just confirmed by the Pirelli Tire-Investigation"

Like I said yesterday : The issue of the Mercs tires is "NOT" caused by the CF debris on the track .
The cause is a combination of the huge Mercs HP and extreme strong downforce , and driving too long with worn tires ...

Well....If you ask me , that sounds promising to me . Knowing next weekend a softer Pirelli compound will be used .
And as we know ... It won't get too cold !

MAX....Buddy do you hear me ?
did he hear you mate?

cars are crazily fast these days thats for sure but there is still no investigation on the cuts on Max's tires.. thats weird.. Red Bull said that clearly.. high treadwear makes the tires more vulnerable thats for sure..

but from the other side, now at least its more clear for me that McLaren chassis is great and just need a better powertrain.. clearly it uses front tires very nicely since almost at the same time and the very same tire Sainz had problem with was the same with Merc's.. next year we might see McLarens and Ricciardo fighting for podium each race at least.. i strongly believe in this and cant wait to see next year s McLaren with Merc' engine..

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