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Perhaps a little late to the party, but in 2015 when I was looking for a new car, I considered a 997 carrera and e9x M3. At the time I had a 2012 Mustang GT---so either of these cars would be a huge upgrade---other than acceleration where they're all fairly close. I have to say that a 911 was/is my dream car from pretty much day 1. I never spent much time in 911s prior to this and I suppose I was expecting WAY too much from a carrera. On the street, I found both the standard carrera and S to be very nice cars. Well built and nice to drive. I just didn't find them engaging as a package and the rear tire roar on both cars I drove was really disappointing given the original price of the cars. I drove a fairly basic 987 Boxster years before and I loved it. It was super engaging---every engagement point within the car felt fantastic. The 997 felt way dulled down. Perhaps on a track or bombing down the highway at >100mph the carrera comes alive?

So then I looked at the e92 that I currently own---obviously, that's the direction I went. To me, for the street, the cars were more similar than different. I'm sure the differences come out then you're able to unleash the cars in a more unlimited environment. But to me, the more subtle approach to the M3 was more fitting to the model than it was to the 911, where I expected a much more engaging experience.

At the end of the day, it's all about what you're after. I don't think I'll have the cash to get the 911 I've dreamed about. But perhaps a Cayman is the Porsche sweet spot for me, though I've never driven one. I am looking forward to the upcoming 718 GTS, so we'll see.