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Originally Posted by New2Roundel View Post
Perhaps a little late to the party, but in 2015 when I was looking for a new car, I considered a 997 carrera and e9x M3. At the time I had a 2012 Mustang GT---so either of these cars would be a huge upgrade---other than acceleration where they're all fairly close. I have to say that a 911 was/is my dream car from pretty much day 1. I never spent much time in 911s prior to this and I suppose I was expecting WAY too much from a carrera. On the street, I found both the standard carrera and S to be very nice cars. Well built and nice to drive. I just didn't find them engaging as a package and the rear tire roar on both cars I drove was really disappointing given the original price of the cars. I drove a fairly basic 987 Boxster years before and I loved it. It was super engaging---every engagement point within the car felt fantastic. The 997 felt way dulled down. Perhaps on a track or bombing down the highway at >100mph the carrera comes alive?

So then I looked at the e92 that I currently own---obviously, that's the direction I went. To me, for the street, the cars were more similar than different. I'm sure the differences come out then you're able to unleash the cars in a more unlimited environment. But to me, the more subtle approach to the M3 was more fitting to the model than it was to the 911, where I expected a much more engaging experience.

At the end of the day, it's all about what you're after. I don't think I'll have the cash to get the 911 I've dreamed about. But perhaps a Cayman is the Porsche sweet spot for me, though I've never driven one. I am looking forward to the upcoming 718 GTS, so we'll see.
I appreciate this. Definitely looking forward to the 718 GTS, and our "other car" is a 958 GTS which is about as perfect a truck as we could find. Sad our first Porsche was a 4x4 but w/e.

I think it has more to do with what Porsche has available in the modern generation of cars. The feedback is better on "older" BMW cars, but new? Yeah, Porsche deserves the hype for keeping tactile enthusiast cars a priority.
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