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Originally Posted by R N M View Post
Base 911 is almost 2x the price of M3/M4 Comp, once you add a few convinience and performance options to the 911.
Personally its not worth it for what you get. I didnt come out of the 911 blown away in fact i was surprised my M3 felt faster.

GT3 / GT3RS or Turbo model are definitely awesome cars but those are in different price range.
991.2 911 was no where near double an M3/M4 Comp unless you are talking about leases which are meaningless since bmw was giving them away. My S55 F80 non comp was about 85k, the base 911 with a few performance options as you said was not 160-170K.....anyway they are totally different cars and yes the 911 is more expensive, its a better built better all around sports car. You wont feel blown away in a drag race, that is not what they are about.