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Originally Posted by Funf6cyl View Post
Iíve owned many M cars and many Porsches. I currently have a 991.2 Carrera T and would tell you that while Porsche doesnít give you the pure HP numbers in any car besides the turbo S or GT2RS they far exceed their paper specs. A base 991.2 with 370 on same tires would be faster than the M4 GTS (bmws fastest track car). I owned multiple e92 M3s and has a current gen M3 and M4 and I would say I found the 997 or 991 NA engines to be much more special than the e92 M engine and if you are considering a GT car, no comparison. As for turbo motors, the 911 again beats BMW by a large margin IMO. Beyond that, the build quality of the Porsches are much better as well. At the same time, you pay a price for the Porsche and BMW certainly offers a lot of value.
I own a 9A1 car now and owned another a few years back. To me, it's no content, the S65 is a more special power plant. Only a Metzger engine Porsche can hang with the S65, engine wise.
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