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Originally Posted by 1997gtx View Post
Why so angry? You associate anyone disagreeing with you as a "lib" and then you get all angry. You'll die early with that much unnecessary rage. I can only hope you can afford health insurance

And, for someone who seemingly has all the finance and econ answers and likes to tell people to "educate themselves," can you please tell me since when do people pay cap gains tax on investments that lose money? It's a simple logical argument. If you think someone will invest less because the money they may make might be a few percent less because of taxes (but only if they make money), you've never invested money. Personally, I think cap gains taxes should be higher in some areas, and lower in others.

In regards to insurance, there are a myriad of things all plans must cover. All plans have to cover preventive care at 100%. That includes mammograms, pap smears, etc. AND vaccines. Obama said birth control is preventive care and should thus be covered at 100% like everything else. Simple enough.

Perhaps YOU should educate yourself?
Rage? haha nope. Im actually very happy, between driving my M and being successful at work i dont have any time to "rage" i also have a fantastic insurance plan that i pay more for because it covers everything i want. If i ever feel like "raging" i have a membership to the best gym in town. Alas, life is good BK, life is good.

Educate myself on what? i said you can lose NEARLY all of it. I didn't even hide it. Sorry you missed it. You never even addressed risk. which after all, in Finance 101 you learn first thing, you get paid for risk.

In regards to the preventative care statement, i have been consistent in my belief and everything ive said. I said if they dont want to provide something fine. Just because they have to by law doesn't mean that its right. I clearly spelled this out and have been 100% consistent. Again, i never said anything that would say that they have no legal reason too now. I just said they should have the right to provide what they do and don't want.

Why always go with the personal attacks? die early with rage? "no im educated you get educated"? come on... Thats the best argument you can come up with? You guys focus so much on minutia of a single issue based on some emotion, that you miss the implications of the decisions made and forced upon others. I even said i think its silly to not provide oral contraception coverage, but again. Im not them, i dont presume to make choices for others. Im not about to violate others free will for something so easily accessible.