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Originally Posted by phrozen06 View Post
God Did create Adam and Eve perfect but He also gave them the gift of free will and therefore they made a choice that ultimately cursed humanity ....until Jesus gave His Life so that we could Live. Just like you can choose to serve your god or not to serve him. It's a choice.

Sin was not created by God, it was created by Lucifer. Lucifer also had the gift of free will and chose to disobey God by trying to exhault himself above the Most High and got punished for his sin, except he can't be redeemed.
If they were perfect and had free-will, they would NEVER use it to sin. Anyway, the Bible makes it clear that a father cant be blamed for his son and vice-versa. The Bible also says "The soul that sins is the very one that will die". How can one sin curse the whole of humanity before these people have the ability to make their own good/bad choices in life.

Also, I still think God created sin. He created everything. Sin is just a concept. It is the opposite of doing good. God created these parameters to TEST us.