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I am still holding out hope for the Z2 M with extensive carbon fibre weight 1k K.

Coupe and convertible variants visually similar to i-8 but designed for mass production -- ideally priced around $50 - 60k; engine options include hybrid w/ 3 cyl, & 4 cyl turbo; monster N55B30T0 probably too much to fit in.

This would represent the new wave of enthusiast vehicles for BMW, but adhering to M tradition of extraordinary performance. Direct challenge to Porsche Boxster & Cayman, Alfa 4C, but with broader appeal given BMW engine options.

Not sure why BMW needs to collaborate with Toyota on this, but if it lowers costs, all is good.

Likewise I hope for more 4 cyl ultra-high efficiency diesels, and diesel-hybrids, e.g., in the 220, with fuel mileage over the rubicon of 50mpg. Unfortunate that the 328d only rates 45mpg -- in reality >50mpg easily obtainable on highway. VW is exploiting that marketing niche better than BMW. Not sure if diesels can do much in USA with price of diesel 25 more than premium + demand so high in Euro and other markets.

Still wondering if BMW missed out on an opportunity to be a big player in the high volume market when they did not take my suggestion to buy Ford when share price was around $5...