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Originally Posted by Kiemyster View Post
i can guarentee you cant outsmoke me, we can do it live on cable tv!

man, u got a vaporizer? that shit is awesome.
Its a deal.. Ill smoke an O against ya hhehe

Had 3 vaporizers, 2 medical grade ones, 1 volcano, I perfer a J and a Hash hit over them as they tend to use a lot of green and it takes a lot of time to get the right temp depending on moisture etc...

8 years toking going strong, and only the best and in ridiculous amounts

Heres what i want you to try Water Bong 3x hits in a row and you can joing the 420 crew

Get a Liter plastic coke bottle. put a little hole in the bottom of it
then carve out a little hole in the cap and stick a wrench socket or some sort of bowl in it make sure its a tight seal...

fill the bottle with water to the top, plugging the bottom hole with your finger.. fuill the cap/bowl with green and let the water out while you light the green. the whole bottle should fill with smoke. when its full and all is burned unscrew the cap and inhale everything holding it in as long as possible

Do this 3 times in a row.. and your an official member. Warning it will give you heart palpatations, youll think you will die and as a 20 year hipper veteran smoker said to me.. Bro ive never been that high in 20 years i think im gonna die..

Hah the Water bong can be made in 5min max its very easy..