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Originally Posted by e90im
Why do you believe, my emotional muslim friend? Why does Allah want you to believe in her ?
That is such a huge thing to answer, something I dont have time to sit down and explain right now...

Originally Posted by e90im
Isn't it more important to be ood and respective to others?
Again, that question can be answered from a thousand viewpoints and I really dont have time to explain right now, but I will give you an answer sometime soon

Originally Posted by e90im
And why do you keep dodging the factual questions I asked? Why do you need a "forum resume" to support your beliefs?
You make me laugh, honestly. You are making it sound like I know I'm wrong and dont want to use any science or evidence because there isnt any that will support my beliefs.

Why do I need a "forum resume"? I dont. I'm simply stating that I have engaged in long long debates with other members on the forum on the very subject you want to engage in, so it's useless when you try make it look like I'm just unwilling because I know I'm wrong.

Originally Posted by e90im
BTW, on a lighter note, what do you study?