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Dear hks786,

I'll give you a bit of advice. When asked to logically and scientifically explain why you believe in Allah, just say:

I have no physical evidence, or logical explanation. I only have a desire to believe in higher power. It is what guides me thru life and comforts me when I think about death. I reject any other explanation of how universe works. Please do not back it up with Quran. If you do, you will enter the arena of science, history anthropology, physical evidence and common sense.

And BTW, you are on the right track by dodging my challenge and saying how complex matters of faith are. This is what every religion does, it tells us not to try and UNDERSTAND, just give it blind faith, and we'll be rewarded for it when we're dead!!! Universe is complex and it takes time and effort to understand it. Not giving up because
"IT WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS". The only way to defend your faith is to say:

I need no evidence, I think with my hart and gut. I use my brain for other things, like accountancy for example.

P.S. You got any pics of your car? Mine arrives in 2-3 weeks.
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