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Friend I worry about you, but at the same time you make me laugh. The reason I worry about you is that you still have this hilarious idea in your head that I dont want to enter this "arena of science, history anthropology, physical evidence and common sense."

Originally Posted by e90im
This is what every religion does, it tells us not to try and UNDERSTAND, just give it blind faith, and we'll be rewarded for it when we're dead!!!
Funny guy, not only do you presume to know me as an unreasonable person that wont give reasons for my beliefs (which anyone else on the board can confirm as false) but you also pretend to know "what every religion does". That's just unacceptable on SO many levels.

Firstly, forget the fact that you might not accept the Quran to contain science that can be confirmed today. Let's suppose the "science" it contains is completely based on myths etc. Look at what the Quran says:

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.
Blessed be He in whose hand is the kingdom, for He is mighty over all!
Who created death and life, to try you, which of you does best; for He is the mighty, the forgiving!
Who created seven heavens in stories; thou canst not see any discordance in the creation of the Merciful!
Why, look again! canst thou see a flaw? Then look again twice!--thy look shall return to thee driven back and dulled!

Quran (67:1-4)

I'll presume that you understand what you just read. Forget if you agree with it or not, the Quran encourages us to look with our own two eyes and see the "truth" for ourselves. What happened to that Arena of "common sense" eh? I thought it would be "common sense" to research into "every religion" before you say what "every religion does". Hmm maybe it's just me