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Even non-Muslims can conclude that the Quran is sincere.

Assumption! How many non Muslims and where? People can be very sincere and very wrong. Many scientists have.

Forget if it's sincerely right or sincerely wrong, but so many times Allah says "look at my clear signs".

Allah doesn't say anything. You read it in a man-made book

Your knowledge of Islam at least is lacking and makes it unacceptable for you to accuse it of things like you already did.

I donít need to be a theologian or Imam to debate you, just like you needn't be a scientist to debate me. We both just need to think critically. That's all.

Me and everyone else knows that's not true so whatever floats your boat I guess.

Again, you make wild assumptions without evidence. You and everyone else? A little ambitious, don't you think?

10 things that might help you to understand where I'm coming from:

1. SCIENCE is not a body of knowledge (books, formulas, laws)
2. SCIENCE IS a way of thinking
3. Critical thinking is the best way that we've as humans have to get the
truth and understand universe
4. Any theory proposed by anybody must withstand rigorous scrutiny, must be backed up by evidence, and it's results must be repeatable
5. People are encouraged to question authority
6. Being wrong is a part of science. It will help you to get the truth quicker
7. If you can prove that Newtonian mechanics doesn't work (in some cases), you'll get a Nobel Prize
This is a fact. See Wikipedia under: Albert Einstein
8. Blind faith is a product of childhood indoctrination, a need to belong to a social group and a quick fix on meaning of life
9. "When practicing SCIENCE we know less and less but at least we know less and less about more and more.
When studying RELIGION we know more and more about less and less"
Christopher Hitchens
10. RELIGION is mass ignorance waiting for exploitation.
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