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First off, I am interested in hearing your response to my bindi analogy. I noticed you left that part of my post out of your quotes.

Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
I didn't say it was. My point wasn't that someone else besides Christians were the religious majority during the founding of our nation. My point was that it's crucial that the government abides by the constitution and the first amendment.
The government does abide by the Constitution...beliefs aren't forced on anyone in this country...there are laws in place which guarantee that.

Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
You just have to do it with your own money. When the government does it, it's using tax payer money. It's taking the money from someone who doesn't believe in those things and makes them pay for it. By printing it on their money, it shoves it in their face and into their wallets.
The government does a lot of things with taxpayer dollars that earns disagreement from one segment of society or another.

They build Federal law enforcement buildings and court houses which offends people who believe in a confederational system vice federalist one.

They tax people on transactions, activities that many people feel shouldn't be taxed.

They hand out money to unions when some people disapprove of Unions.

They build memorials to war veterans when some people think that those vets were war criminals.

They give corporate bail-out's to companies when many people feel said companies will only repeat their mistakes and encounter the same fiscal problems in the future.

There is no way the government can do something that will find universal agreement with everyone in this country.

Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
Imagine if I printed Atheist money that had a picture that said "No Fairytales" on it. Then I forced your city to buy all their goods with it.
If I were living a country that was founded by atheists and consisted predominantly atheists as a Christian, I would understand.

Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
Saying your point is consistent with our heritage is not a good point. Slavery is also consistent with our heritage. The 1st amendment is more important than the government paying for you to be nostalgic. Pay for it yourself.
Slavery has always been inconsistent with our Constitution. Even when it wasn't outlawed by the Constitution, it blatantly contradicted the Bill of Rights. Some of the founding fathers even acknowledged that as such when they were writing that document.

Also slavery physically deprived people of their rights....printing a religious phrase on our currency never took away anyone's right to worship or abstain from worship.

Nice try, but you'll have a hard time comparing the two.

Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
And those philosophies are based on the moral philosophies that came before them. They didn't invent the Golden Rule. If we had laws telling us not to eat shellfish or wear blended fabrics, I'd be more inclined to agree with you.
I'm not religious, but even I acknowledge that there is a historical difference in what Christianity preached and what other philosophies preached on morals and humanity.

Turning the other cheek, love thy neighbor as thyself, washing the feet of beggars and sinners...there was a marked difference in the tone and content of what early Christianity preached and the other "Golden Rule" like philosophies that came before it.

Originally Posted by Devious21 View Post
If the goal is to treat all religious beliefs equally and have religious freedom, then there is NO REASON for the government to endorse any religion. That doesn't help us keep religious freedom.

It excludes people for no gain and at their expense.
You say tomato I say tamato.

You say religious endorsement, I say national heritage.

The fact that you are even having this conversation about how offended you are, all without any secret, or religious, police knocking down your door to shut you up should indicate that we, as a country, can acknowledge our historical roots and still respect peoples' religious beliefs.
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