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Here's some more of these delicate balances in the Earth to think about:

- The Earth has a mixture of 77% nitrogen/21% oxygen/1% carbon dioxide in the atmosphere which is PERFECTLY suited to human, animal & plant life. You should know that if the oxygen level was increased then we would suffer damage yet if the level was decreased we would have respiratory problems and food we eat wouldnt be converted to energy. I'm sure you can imagine that there is a reason for the other gases and their respective proportions.

- If the mass of the earth were a little less, then its gravitational force would be insufficient and the atmosphere would be dispersed in space. If its mass were a little greater, then the gravitational force would be too much and the earth would absorb all gasses in the atmosphere. The creation of these delicate proportions and balances in the sky is mentioned in the 7th verse of Surat ar-Rahman:

He erected heaven and established the balance. (Qur'an, 55:7)

There are many other balances established on earth for the continuity of life:

For instance, if the surface gravity were stronger than its current value, the atmosphere would retain too much ammonia and methane gasses, which would mean the end of life. If it were weaker, the planet's atmosphere would lose too much water, and life on earth would be impossible.

The thickness of the earth's crust constitutes another one of the delicate balances in the earth. If the earth's crust were thicker, too much oxygen would be transferred from the atmosphere to the crust and this would have severe effects on human life. If the opposite were true, that is, if the earth's crust were thinner, volcanic and tectonic activity would be too great to permit life on earth.

Also you should study plants/animals. We have animals that can camoflague themselves so that they are hidden among plants etc and we have other plants/animals with such complicated defence mechanisms. We could use the Venus Flytrap for example, or what about the "Tortoise Beetle" which you might not have heard of...

The "Tortoise Beetle" has a shell in which it can hide it's antenna and feet under if threats like ants are around. Despite the ant being bigger, faster and more powerfull, it cannot overthrow this defence and gives up after around a minute! Lets look at this defence. Under the microscope we see the Beetle's feet have 60,000 hairs and when viewed under the electron microscope we see that these hairs divide into 2. If we study wherever the Beetle clings itself to we find traces of oil made of thousands of droplets that is produced in the glands of the hairs which is leaked into the cavities. Thus the reason why the ant cant overthrow the Beetle is because the Beetle feet suck the ground using it's intricate defence system!

I'm sure you can see where this is going, that's why theories that state the universe was an accident are being scientifically disproven. The same applies to the theory of evolution.

If you look above at one of my earlier posts you'll see a quote from the Quran:

In the name of the merciful and compassionate God.
Blessed be He in whose hand is the kingdom, for He is mighty over all!
Who created death and life, to try you, which of you does best; for He is the mighty, the forgiving!
Who created seven heavens in stories; thou canst not see any discordance in the creation of the Merciful!
Why, look again! canst thou see a flaw? Then look again twice!--thy look shall return to thee driven back and dulled!
Quran (67:1-4)

Look how true the words are, do you see any fault in Allah's creation? Look how beautiful it is. Now we must consider this: either the universe and all its magnificent creation was CREATED or UNCREATED and happened by chance. I'm sure you can see this "chance" theory fails on so many levels as I have described in this post and the other above. Is it so hard to believe there is a creator? Is that really delusional? I think not. Everything has to be created or uncreated, if it wasnt uncreated then by process of elimination it MUST be created. Never mind Islam, at least admit that there is some kind of creator...

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