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This is a guy that runs a privately held company where he answers to no one. He is used to saying what he wants and it's clear that is part of his appeal. But his lack of any sort of filter and random comments about how easy it is to fix that and this is purely coming from a guy that loves to hear himself speak. He is a businessman used to donating to Politicians for favors and access. That does not work as a politician. He is very thin skinned and doesn't like to be criticized. When he is he simply tosses grenades in rooms and thinks that solves the discussion. He's not a good listener and he has a very elitist attitude. How many times can he say how rich he is, how smart he is and that he went to the best school in the country. Who says things like that without coming as a pompous as*hat. He's novel today but it won't hold up over the long hall. He may know how the "art of the deal" works in business but that does not overlay well in US politics. He is going to crash and burn very hard.