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Originally Posted by MightyMouseTech View Post
And that's the point. He is a good CEO. He is a terrible politician.
Originally Posted by BEMR View Post
And that's the point too, seems overall there's more good businessmen in the US these days than politicians. That's the point I'm trying to make.
Originally Posted by csu87 View Post
He built a multibillion dollar empire. Id say he's a pretty good ceo
Originally Posted by SonnyJack View Post
Is he actually a good CEO? Definitely a great Marketer, but not what I would call a great leader.
I have no direct experience with Mr. Trump's business practices, so I'm not going to be too quick to opine on how good a businessman he is. I read the Atlantic's article on the topic last month, and at least some of his peers are less than impressed with his cred as a CEO. (

I don't think that their assessment is the "be all, end all" on the matter, but I do think that insofar as other CEOs are not overall laudatory of his business skills/practices and personal ethics, how good a businessman he is remains far from a foregone conclusion.

Certainly were the CEOs of large public companies to have had the same run of bankruptcies and whatnot that Mr. Trump has had, they'd have lost their job as CEO. Look only to Rick Wagoner from GM. But Mr. Wagoner's case is not the only one, and CEOs have lost their positions for things less demonstrably indicative of poor leadership skills than running their company into bankruptcy. (

Other: posted a short piece about the premise that business leaders make good governmental leaders. ( Agree or disagree with their rationale, but either way, there's no denying that a multi-million dollar business leadership background doesn't necessarily give one the skills to be a good President.

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