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Originally Posted by Doc Oc View Post
I was going to say the same thing about 16 years of debt building. Clinton left GWB a balanced budget for 2001 and a national debt of 5.7T. When BO's first budget went into effect in 2010 the debt was 12T. Bush added 6t to the debt during his term which is exactly what BO has added so far. Of course BO still has fy 2016 and 17 left so that will go up but those wars started under Bush still contribute to the debt as do Obama's tax cuts. The irony is that both GWB and BO had to borrow money to cut taxes.

I got bored of reading after those, but there are plenty more if needed. Clinton didnt leave a balanced budget for bush, never had a surplus, and credit is due to the republican house for much of it, not clinton.
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