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Originally Posted by tony20009
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We're all just looking for leadership, and at the end of the day one that takes us with respect to the promised land. All ya have to do is look into the sky for a flock of birds, one leading and all the rest following. Our current government has tried to lead the flock from behind the flock, just doesn't work, imagine that.

Some our most feared Foreign Governments, have what we call kooks, I think it's time for them to fear us the same way, Trumps the man, I'm in. Quit apologizing who cares, they don't!
Say what? Are you seriously suggesting that leadership and primacy achieved through fear is the best approach and that you genuinely want a leader who instills fear in others as his way of, I don't know, doing "whatever?"

All the best.
No not at all, fear mongering if that what your suggesting i mean is not what I'm saying. Unknown is fear to most, our present administration tells the enemy up front our every move, then apologizes for our past. We need more of the unknown factors that our opponents have to deal with. We need some sort unpredictability to instill in the opposition, our Country not only tells you how were going do it, but when. Trump I believe will bring that to the table, along with consequences for disrespect, instead of a couple sanctions that are deemed worthless.

3 ways to deal with the enemies in life, negotiate, agree, or confront. Radical Muslim Terrorists refuse the first two, which only leaves you one, confront! We've lost respect in the world today because our current admin of politicians believe the first 2 ARE our only options, and look at the spread of ISIS today. Trump has enough sense to act from a level of confrontation, and he's not afraid nor are any dollars telling him what to say or do, that's why he's blowing away the field with supporters.

Confrontation is the consequence that fear most, that's the fear I'm talking about.
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