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Originally Posted by tony20009 View Post
And here we have yet another individual who's sole retort is to assail me rather than the ideas I've put forth. I'm not requiring you to like my ideas, but if you don't, then find the logical flaw in them and offer the corresponding rebuttal.

Attacking me and calling me quixotic does nothing to tear down my ideas. All it does is show you have zip, zilch and zero to say that's logically sound and supportive of your own position.

Hell, unlike me, you haven't (AFAIK) posted something in here that clearly states what your position is. I was asked what my position is and I quite comprehensively laid it out, along with a rough policy proposal. And what came back? A slew of stones aimed at me, not my ideas, and from only one person the slightest hint of an alternative proposal, and from nobody a rationally driven rebuttal.

At the most, you've left it for us to infer what it is. Perhaps so you can later say, "Oh, no. That's not what I meant/said?" I don't know....

We both know damn well the folly and puerility in "attacking the messenger" and hiding behind words unspoken. That's what children do. As I've said often. If one can only respond to me as an adolescent would, then don't. I'm quite content to engage with someone, perhaps it's just one person and that's fine, who can and will go toe-to-toe with me on points of substance. But when it comes to emotional debate, the name calling and child's play. I don't have any interest in it. I don't know how any adult can, but I've seen Fox News and MSNBC, so I know clearly some do.

(And no, it's not everyone at Fox. Chris Wallace is outstandingly good. Rachel Maddow is brilliant, but too "on the attack." Like me, he's not into the BS platitudes and party talking points. And frankly, when it comes to strict news, Fox is quite good. Ditto MSNBC with Steve Kornacki. There's just not enough "straight news," from either network, which is really a damn shame because both have the potential to be the kind of news organization that gave us Uncle Walter and Edward R. Murrow.)

All the best.
It is you who is assailing me. Some of us do not feel we have to insult other member's intelligence by writing a long, mind numbing retort. I am sure that at least 90% of people can understand exactly what i was saying. Some of us actually have lives and families and can not spend all day BS'ing with people like you that only wish to "engage" others. Why don't you go join a boxing or martial arts club and take some of that pent-up up anger out. Are you even able to lawfully own a firearm.