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Originally Posted by hyperzulu View Post
Why would the M2 come as an LCI model? Am I missing something? LCI models will get a B series engine. M2 gets the N series engine -- hence, not LCI... or CarPlay, or OLED lights. Granted, my 335is had the N54 engine with LCI parts, but it was for all purposes, just another e92.
Engines and LCI are two totally different things. They often coincide, but there's no dependency either way.

So, to clarify:
- 2016 M2 - not LCI
- 2017 230i and M240i - not LCI, just new engines, plus whatever parts BMW adds across the board for the new model year (in this case wifi hotspot)
- 2018 230i and M240i - LCI with engines introduced a year earlier.
- 2018 M2 will get new LCI design features in the places that it shares with regular 2er cars. Whether it will also be called LCI, is unknown - BMW is very inconsistent in that regard when it comes to M cars.