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Originally Posted by BEMR View Post
I do income tax returns here in California, I wish more would discuss this, EARNED INCOME TAX CREDIT. Average tax refund for individuals with a child or two making between 10 thousand and 40 thousand a year 5000.00 to 9000.00 dollars and all they pay in is 7.65% to our social security system. And thats AFTER they pay in nothing! For if they pay in tax in most cases as withholding tax, they get most or all of that back.

I see married individuals that might make somewhere around 48000 claim that they are living apart and claim head of household with one of the children in the other spouse claims head of household with the other children and now each get $5,000 refund whereas if they were doing it legally and legitimately their income at $48,000 would not qualify them to become eligible for earned income credit I see it all the time.

These people have figured out how to get social security numbers, usually they are the illegal or birthright side, refunds are collectively in the billions nationwide. I just wish this would be discussed more. like I have said before these people coming across the border on trains on boats in Buses illegally are not scientists they start out in the minimum wage job force and they are ruining everything along the borders and its migrating more Northerly each day believe me Trump has the best idea to build the wall and for God sake make sure Mexico pays for it that should be very simple.
They're too busy swooning over increasing the minimum wage, something that will do nothing to help this whole income inequality thing.

I'm all for EITC since it helps WORKING families, but the abuse you just described is appalling.