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Originally Posted by doane2u
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No, the first thing Obama did as president in 2009 was to undo the very successful "welfare reform" that Congress passed and Clinton signed in the 1990's. Since then, welfare rolls have exploded. And according to the Obama Administration, the economy is better than it was under Bush, so by that logic welfare rolls should be very small....
Wrong and miss leading again, you're good at this, you are the epitome of a fine Trump groupie.

Does Obama’s Plan ‘Gut Welfare Reform’?
The article link you provided was discussing Obama's welfare changes in the 2012 election - I was citing his undoing welfare reform as soon as he took office in 2009. Here's an article from 2009:

"Welfare reform has been an overwhelming success. Since 1996, welfare caseloads have decreased 70 percent, which translates into 8.8 million fewer people dependent on government. Child-poverty rates dropped, particularly among blacks and Hispanics. Teen pregnancies have (until recently) decreased, and child-support collections have increased.

Despite its success, or perhaps because of it, President Obama and his allies are doing all they can to destroy welfare reform. Mr. Obama?s $862 billion stimulus package last February essentially abolished welfare reform by subsidizing the expansion of welfare rolls. The federal government now pays states 80 percent of the cost for each new family they add to their welfare rolls, a move that eliminates states? incentive to push welfare recipients into the job force.

Partly as a consequence of the infusion of federal welfare funds, welfare rolls increased in 2009 for the first time since PRWORA was enacted, growing 5 percent as 200,000 more Americans were added."
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