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Originally Posted by FL335
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Just to be clear, Obama relaxed the rules on the EITC and Additional Child Tax Credit (ACTC). You no longer need a social security number to file your taxes - as an illegal you can use an ITIN. you can also now claim your kids that don't live in the US. There's of course no way for the IRS to verify where the kids love, or even if the kids even exist. The program fraud is off the charts - it was $4.1B several years ago, according to the OIG.

Gracias, Obama!!
WHY in the F would this be allowed?
Politicians hoping to score the immigrant and illegal vote. Make no mistake - both parties are doing everything they can to try and win the votes of illegals. As astonishing as that sounds, I can't come to any other conclusion:

- justice department not considering voter fraud cases,

- Feds challenging states who require an ID to vote

-Motor Voter programs

-Driver licenses for illegals

- mail in voter registration given to college students at registration (not checking if they are registered in their home states, or even if they are citizens

And it goes on. Hope and Change!
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