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Originally Posted by doane2u
Originally Posted by bbbbmw View Post
Who was President of the United States from 2009-2012?
You're right, typo, I meant that he wasn't in office in 2001 when Bush's tax cuts made more parents eligible for refundable credits, and increased the amount in steps to $1,000 per child.
Those 2009 Obama “temporary” changes were extended at least through 2012 by the bill Obama signed in December 2010 which also extended the Bush tax cuts and enacted additional economic stimulus measures including a reduction in federal payroll taxes.

Fact Check dot com is not a liberal website, all facts are sourced at the end of the article.. you should read it for a unbiased view, instead of just listening to Fox New type information. You can read it here
Obama widened the program in 2009, extended it through 2012, and is now extended through 2017, despite the overwhelming fraud.

"" is absolutely a liberal website - it's run by the Annenberg Foundation, based in Chicago. For years the AF ran a program in Chicago public schools called the Chicago Annenberg Challenge. Both Obama and (terrorist) Bill Ayers sat on the board of the CAC (so much for Obama saying he didn't know Bill Ayers).

What was that about Fox News? Perhaps you should do your own fact checking.

Edit: I went back and re-read the factcheck link. They say what I was saying:

"Finally, President Obama’s 2009 stimulus measure made temporary changes that had the effect of allowing more parents to claim the refundable credits, or claim greater amounts. And the total grew the following year to the $4.2 billion cited by the IG. Those “temporary” changes now have been extended at least through 2012 by the bill Obama signed in December 2010..."

Although they don't tie the explosion of fraud to exactly what Obama did, and what Obama has extended. The article was written in May, 2012, and the subsequent extensions were floated after that.
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