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Exclamation NO right turn on RED in Germany! Unless...

Originally Posted by V3rbatim View Post
Quick question regarding red lights at a stop sign. Can we turn right on a red light after making a complete stop? Obviously, they don't have a no turn on red sign like we do back home. (Or do they) Some people beep at me and some don't lol. Bunch of impatient Germans lol. There are times when I think some roads a one way due to people parking in the same direction on both lanes and Bam! Coming head on with another car lol. I just shrug it off and give a peace sign. And don't get me started on freaking bus lanes.. impossible to know especially when it's pissing rain out. Sorry, just venting.. I miss the states.

NO right turn on Red!!

NO! In Germany, there is NO right turn on Red!! The only caveat is in some cities... the traffic light MIGHT have a green RIGHT turn light. And at some t-lights... you will see a metal green RIGHT arrow sign attached to the t-light. This means you MAY turn right on RED after stopping. But these signs are really rare. In General there is NO right turn on RED!

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Even Germans don't really understand the metal green arrow on a red light. Many people think they don't need to come to a full stop. They DO! That's what this white sign says under the GREEN arrow.

Originally Posted by lore2486 View Post
yeah its hard driving here in Munich, I think i ran a few lights already.
Be careful running a red light is a big NO NO over here. Fines can be in the 400 euro range. It depends on how many seconds you ran the red light(even for turning at the intersection). Most intersections have cameras.

Also in Munich... most tunnels have speed cameras. Some of the latest versions don't even flash when they "catch" you. You just get the "bill" in the post a few weeks later.

One other thing about traffic lights... in the evenings after say 9pm most traffic lights will switch OFF. Then for traffic that has "the right of way" their side will see that the intersection light is OFF. For the cars coming from the side streets... they will have a FLASHING YELLOW! This means they must YIELD(and or Stop!) if traffic is coming from the main road. This is not how it works in the USA! Take note!!