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Originally Posted by Dackelone View Post
No, it shouldn't be a problem.

Have you thought about driving some passes while in Switzerland ?

Maybe a route something like this...!3e0?hl=en

These are my two all time favorite passes...

Klausenpass, Spiringen, Switzerland


Furka Pass, Obergoms, Switzerland

I would stay here, near the start of the Furka Pass...

Hotel Glocke (located in the Goms valley, a small but charming hotel)

Hotel Glocke
Engelmatt 6
3998 Reckingen VS,

You can see pics of the hotel and of my Alpine adventure driving tour here...

Dackel's Swiss Alpine tour...

Flüela Pass, Susch, Switzerland - is also another nice pass to drive. More flat than a curvy high alpine pass - but fun never the less. It runs into Davos.

Most of these passes should be open - depending on the winter snow fall. But the best plan is to check the local Pass's websites - to make sure they are open for driving!!

Btw... the Furka Pass was made famous in the James Bond film: Golden Eye...

also the large hotel shown in the opening scene(Grand Hotel Glacier du Rhône) is still there and makes for a nice "coffee" or lunch stop.

Dackel, thank you so much for your input on this! I'm surely due for a good trip now thanks to your help!