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Originally Posted by Jackie Chiles View Post
I agree on her poor judgment.

But I don't agree that her discussing a well known fact is an error of judgment.
When you have a clearance and have been granted access to information that is deemed sensitive in one way or another, you do not discuss that information in the open.... period.

Even small little details independently may look innocent but aggregate enough little pieces together and you have major information. Even information that is supposedly in the "open" is still not discussed.

The process and procedures to prevent this is called OPSEC.

Example... Back in the 80's tail markings and other distinguishing marks on carrier based aircraft were removed. (ie the Jollie Roger on USS Nimitz, etc) Why? Because if spotted by an agent and passed on, the enemy would know exactly what carrier group was in what area. Even today, departure information of carrier groups is serious OPSEC even though you could stand on shores of certain areas and watch the aircraft carriers leave the docks.

And if you have not heard... the Intermission of the Cold War is over. This shit is getting real very quick.